Graphite Powder

Graphite Powder

  • Graphite Electrode Powder

    Graphite Electrode Powder

    This is a kind of by-product during machining of graphite electrode and nipple. We fabricate hole and thread in electrode, shape the nipple with taper and thread. Those are collected by duct collection system and roughly screen as fine powder and cribble powder.

  • Graphitized Petroleum Coke (recarburizer)

    Graphitized Petroleum Coke (recarburizer)

    It is a by-product of LWG furnace. Petroleum  coke is used as heat insulating material during graphitization of electrode. Along with graphitization process, we have graphite electrode, as well as by-product graphitized petroleum coke . The particle with the size of 2-6mm is more used as recarburizer. The fine particle is screened separately.