Graphite Electrode Market Monthly Report(June, 2022)

Graphite Electrode Market Monthly Report(June,  2022)

Chinese graphite electrode price decreased slightly in June. The mainstream prices in June are as below:

300-600mm diameter  

RP gradeUSD3300 - USD3610

HP grade:    USD3460 - USD4000

UHP grade:   USD3600 - USD4300

UHP700mm:  USD4360 – USD4660

In June, the price of China’s graphite electrode market remained stable as a whole, with a slight decrease. Due to the sharp reduction in the price of low-sulfur petroleum coke, graphite electrodes price is easing off from cost side. Meanwhile the downstream demand for graphite electrodes has continued to be weak, EAF and LF is continuing operating at low capacity, market demand for graphite electrode is low. Under such circumstance, order price of some Contracts fell slightly.

Graphite electrode supply: In June, the overall supply of China’s graphite electrode market continued to shrink. The market price of graphite electrode dropped slightly this month, which further affected the mentality of graphite electrode enterprises and hindered the enthusiasm of enterprises in production. Some small and medium-sized graphite electrode enterprises said that the price of raw materials fluctuated greatly, and enterprises were more cautious in production. In addition, under the current situation of the graphite electrode market is weak, the anode material market is hot with impressive profit, some graphite electrode enterprises plan to switch to anode production or one of the anode production process.

Graphite electrode demand: In June, the demand side of China’s graphite electrode market remained weak and stable. Due to the high temperature and continuous rainfall in many regions this month, the steel market (end user of graphite electrode) is in the traditional off-season, the price of construction steel has dropped sharply, the production reduction and shutdown of steel mills have increased, and the market has become more cautious in trading. Rigid demand dominates the steel mill’s purchase.

Graphite electrode cost: In June, the comprehensive cost of China’s graphite electrodes was still high. This month, the price of some low-sulfur petroleum coke upstream of the graphite electrode has slipped, but on the one hand, the price of high-quality, such as Fushun and Daqing low-sulfur petroleum coke is still high. In addition, the price of needle coke remains high and stable, and the overall raw material price of graphite electrodes is still high. Considering the producing cost, the cost of the graphite electrode is still under pressure.





Post time: Jul-01-2022