Graphite Electrode Market Monthly Report(October, 2022)

By the end of October, the price of Chinese graphite electrode had risen by USD70-USD220/ton in the month. The mainstream prices in October are as below:

300-600mm diameter  

RP grade:USD2950 - USD3220 

HP grade:    USD2950 - USD3400 

UHP grade:   USD3200 - USD3800

UHP650 UHP700mm:  USD4150 - USD4300

Chinese graphite electrode market kept rising in October. At the beginning of this month, it was the National Day holiday. Most of the graphite electrode enterprises delivered with early orders, few new orders. After National Day holiday, under the condition of production limitation, the output of graphite electrode enterprises has decreased, and the supply has continued to shrink, so the market inventory is low. Also due to the current upstream raw material price of graphite electrode, graphite electrode prices were gradually increased by USD70-USD220/ton. At the end of the month, the battle between supply and demand continued.

Graphite electrode supply: The supply of graphite electrode market tightened in October. In the first ten days of October, graphite electrode enterprises in Hebei and other regions were affected by the convening of the “Twentieth National Congress” and received production restriction requirements. In addition, after the National Day holiday, the epidemic situation rebounded in many parts of China. Sichuan, Shanxi and other regions were affected by the epidemic situation and had containment measures, resulting in production restrictions. The production cycle of superimposed graphite electrode is relatively long. In the short term, the overall inventory of graphite electrode enterprises remains at a low level. The output of enterprises decreases compared with the previous period, and the overall supply of graphite electrode market is tightening.

 Market expectation: Graphite electrode enterprises continued to reduce production in October, and the market supply did not increase. With the reduction of graphite electrode enterprise inventory and market inventory, the supply side shrinks which may benefit the future market of graphite electrode. The electric furnace steel starts to rise slowly, but in the short term, the procurement of downstream steel plants is negative, and the demand side is still poor. Therefore, it is expected that the short-term graphite electrode price in November will remain stable.

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Post time: Nov-04-2022