Graphite Electrode Market Report(July 14,2022)

In July, the market price of China’s graphite electrode remained in slightly decreasing. At present, more and more steel mills are reducing production even stopping production due to the low profit or the deficit. The demand for graphite electrode has decreased significantly, resulting in the lack of confidence of graphite electrode enterprises to keep high prices . Also, in order to reduce the cost, the steel mills offer the low target purchase price.

In order to stabilize the market, graphite electrode enterprises are expected to maintain production reduction from July to August, and the market supply is expected to decline. At the same time, the market demand for negative electrode material is stable and positive, which supports the high prices of low sulfur petroleum coke and needle coke. The cost of graphite electrode is expected to remain high, and the price of graphite electrode is mainly weak and stable in the short term.

China’s needle coke market price remained stable this week. As of July 14, the operating range of China’s needle coke market price was 1655-2285 dollars /  ton of cooked coke; Raw coke price is 1430-1730 US dollars / ton, and the mainstream transaction price of imported oil-based needle coke is 1300-1600 US dollars / ton; Cooked coke 2300-2500 US dollars / ton; The mainstream transaction price of imported coal series needle coke is 1850-2000 US dollars / ton. In June 2022, the operating rate of needle coke market was 55.28%, a decrease of 2.72% month on month, including 65.53% of oil-based needle coke and 52.24% of coal-based needle coke. In June 2022, the output of needle coke was 133500 tons, including 43500 tons of cooked coke, 90000 tons of raw coke, 83000 tons of oil-based needle coke and 50500 tons of coal-based needle coke.

Post time: Jul-29-2022