Graphite Electrode Market Report(April 26,2022)

Chinese graphite electrode price remained stable as whole this week. As of April 24, 2022, the mainstream prices are as below:

300-600mm diameter

RP grade: USD3280 – USD3750

HP grade:    USD3440 - USD4000

UHP grade:   USD3670 – USD4380

UHP700mm:  USD4690 – USD4900

The average price in market is USD3870/ton. Restricted by the weak steel-trading market, steel mills can not accept high price orders of graphite electrode, and the graphite electrode price growth is less than expected.

Graphite Electrode Cost:

This week, China’s graphite electrode cost was still under high pressure. In terms of graphite electrode raw materials, the price of low sulfur petroleum coke continued to rise at this week. The demand of negative material enterprises for low sulfur petroleum coke is stably high, and the enterprises cooperate with negative material customers in the form of “lock volume”. Therefore, it is expected that in short term low sulfur petroleum coke price will be at a high price with the strong support of the negative material market, and graphite electrode companies will continue to be under high pressure of cost.

Graphite Electrode Profit:

    On the one hand, at present, the raw material price of graphite electrode market continues to rise, and the pressure of cost is very high; On the other hand, the demand for graphite electrode in the lower reaches is not high. Under the comprehensive influence, the profits for graphite electrode enterprises are insufficient.

Market Expectation:

In the short term, the actual transaction price is mainly driven up slowly with the weak supply and demand of graphite electrode in market. It is reported that in the first quarter, China’s imported needle coke decreased by about 70% year-on-year, which shows that the overall production of graphite electrode in market is insufficient. After the weaker impact of the epidemic, the start up of steel mills(EAF) is expected to increase, and most of them are mainly consuming inventory in the near future. With the start-up of electric furnace steel mills, there may be a higher demand of graphite electrode. Therefore, it is expected that the demand of graphite electrode in market is greater than supply, and the market price is expected to rise.

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