Graphite Electrode Market Report(March 29,2022)

Chinese graphite electrode price increased This week. As of March 24, 2022, the mainstream prices are as below:

300-600mm diameter  

RP grade:   USD3200 – USD3800

HP grade:    USD3500 – USD4000

UHP grade:   USD3750 – USD4450

UHP700mm:  USD4800 – USD5000

The average price in market is USD3900/ton. Driven by the frequent increase in the price of raw materials, the market price of graphite electrode increased by USD160 – USD240 / ton at the beginning of this week. However, due to the weak demand of graphite electrode for steel mills, there are few new orders in the market. The graphite electrode market price kept increasing mainly based on the price increasing of raw material.


Graphite Electrode Cost

This week, China’s graphite electrode cost pressure is still high. At present, the price of upstream raw materials continues to be high, and it is reported that the prices of needle coke and low-sulfur petroleum coke are still expected to be bullish. In addition, the shortage of processing resources will further increase the overall cost pressure of the graphite electrode market.


Graphite Electrode Supply:

This week, the supply of graphite electrode in market was mainly stable. At present, most graphite electrode companies have resumed production. However, due to the general downstream demand and the high price of upstream raw materials, some graphite electrode companies still intend to control and limit their production. Due to the impact of the recent epidemic, the transportation and of raw materials in some areas are restricted. The output of the graphite electrode in market is limited.


Market Expectation:

In the short term, the cost side and the demand side are competing. The cost continues to be high and there is still a bullish expectation to drive the price  to rise, while the weak demand of graphite electrode limits the sales price. In the state of insufficient profits, there are many upward sentiments for graphite electrode enterprises. In general, the short-term, graphite electrode market price is expected to be driven up.

Post time: Mar-29-2022