Graphite Electrode Market Report(November 21,2022)

Chinese graphite electrode price remained stable as whole this week. The mainstream prices are as below:

300-600mm diameter  

RP grade:   USD2950 - USD3250

HP grade:    USD2950 - USD3360

UHP grade:   USD3150 – USD3800

UHP700mm:  USD4150 - USD4300

The graphite electrode market is trading relatively well this week. The actual transaction price of graphite electrode has risen, and the new pricing has been available for trading. Long process steel plants purchase graphite electrode on demand, while short process steel plants still have poor performance. Individual graphite electrode enterprises said that the number of inquiries in foreign markets are increasing.

Cost China’s graphite electrode cost pressure continued to increase this week. From the perspective of upstream raw materials of graphite electrode, the market mainstream of low sulfur calcined coke (Jinxi and Jinzhou petroleum coke as raw materials) has been sold for 1360-1440 USD/ton; Low sulfur calcined coke (Fushun petroleum coke as raw material) has been sold for 1500-1660 USD/ton, which is still high price compared with the same period last year. In addition, the price of coal tar pitch continued to grow.

Demand The demand of graphite electrode in Chinese market continued to be small this week. At present, many steel enterprises are in a loss state, and only the long process steel plants purchase as needed, especially the short process steel plants have poor starting performance, and the weak market of graphite electrode market demand is not easy to ease in the short term.

ProfitThe profit of China’s graphite electrode market is not good this week. Affected by the high cost, the overall profit margin of the graphite electrode market is still compressed. If the price of raw materials continues to rise and the price of graphite electrode rises weakly, the profit margin of graphite electrode field will continue to narrow shrink.



Post time: Nov-21-2022