Graphite Electrode Monthly Market Report(March, 2022)

According to statistics, the output of 48 Chinese graphite electrode enterprises in March 2022 was 76400 tons, an increase of 7100 tons(10.25%) over February 2022, and a decrease of 90000 tons (10.54%) over the same period of last year, which includes 8300 tons of RP graphite electrode, 19700 tons of HP graphite electrode and 48300 tons of UHP graphite electrode. The overall output of graphite electrodes increased slightly in March, mainly because most companies that were restricted by the environmental protection of the Winter Olympics resumed production in mid-to-early March. 图片1

The price of graphite electrodes in March rose by about 5% compared with that in February. The mainstream quotation(ex-factory price) of UHP600mm was 4370-4525 USD dollars/ton. At the end of the month, the bidding price of some steel mills increased by about 240 USD dollars/ton. Some electric furnace steel mills have plentiful stock before the Spring Festival, while most electric steel furnace mills are in a state of limited production, and they are not willing to purchase more graphite electrode. However, the output of graphite electrode manufacturers has recovered recently, so it is predicted that the price of graphite electrode will be mainly stable in the near future. .


In March, the needle coke market maintained an overall positive trend. Affected by factors such as the increase in oil prices caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war and the traffic restrictions caused by the epidemic, Chinese needle coke market generally increased by USD160 in March. The overall operating rate of enterprises reached about 70%. In terms of domestic prices, coal-based needle coke is 1,750-2,000 USD dollars/ton,; oil-based needle coke is 1830-2140 USD/ton, and green coke price is 1,200-1,500 USD dollars/ton; The total import volume of coke was 4390 tons, and the import volume of oil-based needle coke was 9549 tons. In terms of import price of coal-based needle coke , it was 1,700-1,900 US dollars/ton in Japan, 1,600 US dollars/ton in South Korea. The price of oil-based needle coke, it was 1,900-2,100 US dollars/ton in the United Kingdom, 2,500-2,800 US dollars / ton in Japan. In terms of export volume, from January to February, China’s total export of oil-based needle coke was 10,863 tons, and the export price was 1,700-1,900 US dollars / ton.

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