Opening Ceremony of Shida College


Congratulations on the establishment of Shida College, Shida College is the branch of our mother company's own corporate university - Zhongzhan University.

Zhongzhan Group is the mother company of Shida Carbon who started the cooperation with Shida Carbon since 2017 and eventually acquired Shida Carbon at the early time of 2021.

Zhongzhan Group is a leading capital management enterprise with investments across the industries of Jewelry, healthy, education, financial, Hi-tech, and industrial manufacturing.  Shida Carbon is the most important part of the all investments, Zhongzhan Group keeps investing valuable resources to Shida Carbon for pursuing the ultima goal of being the top company of the global carbon industry.

Zhongzhan University is our own enterprise university and also the center of internal training, managing improving and corporation culture communication. Shida College as its branch will working closely with Zhongzhan University for serving to the Shida’s employees for creating a tolerant,positive culture, and using the resource from Zhongzhan Group to improve the current statue of employee training, managing structure and cultural integration.

On the opening ceremony, the CEO of Shida Carbon Group, Mr Liu Weidong gives speech to the all attendees, he said, Shida College is a new staff to the most of Shida’s people, and also a new opportunity to all us for improving our team and ourselves, and sincerely hope all the services provided by Shida college will be a new driven force of our development in the future, and hope all the colleagues could be benefited from the college’s work. After his speech, the management team dis-covered the Signboard of Shida College.

From the very beginning of Shida Carbon, keep improving forward, embrace the positive changes and always looking out for the new trend, these pushes Shida keeps moving till today, and now with the establishing of Shida College, we are heading to a new and better stage of refresh from our inside. Looking forward to the new future of Shida!

Post time: Nov-25-2021