Shida Carbon moves to the new headquarter in Chengdu,China.

After staying in the old headquarter at No.47 Yongfeng Road for more than 10 years, now Shida Carbon is moving to the new head office in Chengdu for the demands of increasing employee numbers and the expansion of our business. 

The new head office is located at Hi-tech district, Chengdu, neighbouring to Alibaba Group, Tencent Group, and some other famous enterprises. It is a whole floor of 1200㎡ with excellent facilities, able to accommodate around 100 employees working at the same time by providing a very comfortable environment.


At the opening ceremony, the CEO of Shida Cabon- Mr Liu Weidong gives speech to all the employees at Chengdu office, he said, the opening of our new headquarter is not only a change of working place but also a milestone of Shida’s 30 years development, we were originally from Shanxi province and moved to Sichuan 20 years ago, we started our production from small sizes and now we are producing UHP grade big diameters, we started trials on small ladle furnaces and now we have been supplying to all the major steel producers worldwide; behind all the success is the diligent and deliciated people of Shida who are always on the way to being better and stronger, and from this new starting point, Shida people will keeping moving forward, and aiming to the ultimate goal of building up the global carbon brand. After his speech, the management team cutted the ribbon and announce the opening of new headquarter.

From 2001 to 2021, from Shanxi to Chengdu, from 700㎡ to 1200㎡, from φ250mm to φ700mm, from RP to UHP, from past to the future....... Shida Carbon is always on the way to the bright future!

Welcome to all our partners to visit our new office.

Post time: Nov-03-2021