• UHP400 Shida Carbon Graphite Electrode

    UHP400 Shida Carbon Graphite Electrode

    Graphite electrodes are mainly used for making steel in electric arc furnace . Graphite electrode acts as a carrier to introduce current into the furnace. The strong current generates arc discharge through gas, and uses the heat generated by the arc for smelting steel. According to the capacity of the electric furnace, different-diameter graphite electrodes are equipped. In order to make the electrodes continue to be used, the electrodes are connected by nipples.

  • Shida Isostatic Graphite

    Shida Isostatic Graphite

    Isostatic graphite is a new type of graphite material developed in the 1960s. With series of excellent properties, isostatic graphite gets more attention in many fields. Under inert atmosphere, isostatic graphite’s mechanical strength will not weaker with the temperature rising, but will become stronger reaching the strongest value at about 2500℃. So its heat resistance is very good. Compared with ordinary graphite, more advantages it owns, such as the fine and compact structure, good uniformity, low thermal expansion coefficient, excellent thermal shock resistance,strong chemical resistance, good thermal and electrical conductivity and excellent mechanical processing performance.

  • UHP600 Shida Carbon Graphite Electrode

    UHP600 Shida Carbon Graphite Electrode

    Shida Carbon is a good-reputation graphite electrode manufacturer in China, with completed production equipment from calcining, milling, burdening, kneading, extruding, baking, impregnation, graphitization and machining, which can help us keep and control stable quality.

  • UHP550 Shida Carbon Graphite Electrode

    UHP550 Shida Carbon Graphite Electrode

    1.Shida Carbon built in 1990 with over 30 years of professional experience as manufacturer of graphite electrode.

    2. The strong researching and developing team and highly competent sales team are established by Shida to guarantee stable quality of the product, especially the large diameters, such as UHP 650, UHP700, and provide customers with a comprehensive range of sale services.

  • UHP500 Shida Carbon Graphite Electrode

    UHP500 Shida Carbon Graphite Electrode

    Screw lifting plug into socket of one end and place soft protection material under the other end(see pic.1) to avoid damaging nipple;

    Blow dust and dirt on the surface and socket of electrode and nipple with compressed air; use brush to clean if compressed air cannot do it well (see pic.2);

  • UHP450 Shida Carbon Graphite Electrode

    UHP450 Shida Carbon Graphite Electrode

    UHP Graphite electrode is the main conductive material which is used in the electric smelting industry(for smelting steel) with excellent performance of electrical conductivity and good thermal conductivity, also high mechanical strength, good resistance of high-temperature oxidation and corrosion. Shida Carbon Graphite Electrode are made of high-quality needle coke which is bought from oversea and the Chinese brand company.

  • UHP650 Shida Carbon Graphite Electrode

    UHP650 Shida Carbon Graphite Electrode

    Shida carbon is a leading manufacturer of graphite electrode in China.

    Founded in 1990, over 30 years experience of producing graphite electrode;

    4 factories, cover all the production process from raw, material, calcining, crushing,screen,milling,burdening, kneading,extruding,baking, impregnation, graphitization and machining;

  • UHP700 Shida Carbon Graphite Electrode

    UHP700 Shida Carbon Graphite Electrode

    Graphite Electrode is the best conductive material for electric arc furnace and smelting furnace. High quality needle coke in HP&UHP graphite electrode ensure the electrode performance is perfect. It is presently the only available product that has the high levels of electrical conductivity and the capability of sustaining the extremely high levels of heat generated in the demanding environment.

  • Graphite Electrode Powder

    Graphite Electrode Powder

    This is a kind of by-product during machining of graphite electrode and nipple. We fabricate hole and thread in electrode, shape the nipple with taper and thread. Those are collected by duct collection system and roughly screen as fine powder and cribble powder.

  • Graphitized Petroleum Coke (recarburizer)

    Graphitized Petroleum Coke (recarburizer)

    It is a by-product of LWG furnace. Petroleum  coke is used as heat insulating material during graphitization of electrode. Along with graphitization process, we have graphite electrode, as well as by-product graphitized petroleum coke . The particle with the size of 2-6mm is more used as recarburizer. The fine particle is screened separately.